Pictures – Pignerolle during the European Heritage day(s)


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A few pictures of (one of) the Heritage day at Pignerolle (Saint-Barthélémy d’Anjou city) Saturday the 16th of September, I went to give a help to the Memorial association of Pignerolle. At the Pignerolle park from 2PM to 6PM I … Lire la suite

The Bordeaux U-Boot-Bunker in black and white


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Before to propose a review of the year on the main blog, here is a classic shot of the Bordeaux U-Boot-Bunker.

“Les archives”


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This passed week I went to conduct some researches at a section of the Archives of the French navy. It’s not the first time I go there and I always find some interesting informations’ for my PhD and/or articles. The … Lire la suite

Boats moored to the old U-Boot-Bunker


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One day per year The Atlantic Port La Rochelle (commercial harbour of La Pallice) is open to the public. Thus the 12th of June 2016 I took the opportunity of my visit to do some shots. This had been done … Lire la suite

La Base Betasom (Bordeaux sommergibili)


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Some pictures I have done in a short time at the end of an international conference held in Bordeaux. It can be seen the 1st tidal basin where the Betasom was located from September 1940 to September 1943.

In Memoriam the Frankton monument of Royan


CC-BY – Taken in July 2016.

Installed in December 2015 along the coastal promenade close to the old Fort du Chay, this new monument can be easily seen by the people.

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Looks like a new camping site has opened!


Camping-cars sur l'épi du quai de l'U-Bunker

Just a simple picture before a longer post on the main page that will be upload as soon as I can.
Shot Sunday June the 12th during the Journée Port ouvert at La Pallice with a Tokina SZ-X  (80-200mm) film lens mounted on a Nikon D3200 – Manual mode, ISO-200, A: 5mm, f – done directly on the lens, speed 1/200 sec.