Pictures – Pignerolle during the European Heritage day(s)

A few pictures of (one of) the Heritage day at Pignerolle (Saint-Barthélémy d’Anjou city)

An American photojournalist was doing a reportage…or not.

Saturday the 16th of September, I went to give a help to the Memorial association of Pignerolle. At the Pignerolle park from 2PM to 6PM I guided (so) many visitors inside the underground corridor. At first we – the organisers – thought to do a turnover in the aim to not stay in the same bunker, but while doing the first presentations we saw that it wasn’t that necessary. Apparently – according to what I noticed from the subterranean bunker – the visitors appreciated the discovery. Some were from the Angers metropolis but never visited before the bunkers or even never went in this park. Some others participants knew the place and/or this historical thematic. These various people made these guided-tours even more interesting as some asked questions and others added some comments.

Unfortunately, as I was one of the guides I didn’t shot any pictures and I’m not even sure that some participants did pictures while I was talking. Anyway, I had a powerful light so I was able to show the site and the panels composed of historical pictures. But, in the other bunkers there was no real light, so I think that even the participants haven’t taken a lot of pictures inside the complex. However, if you were at the Pignerolle bunker park during one the two Heritage days do no hesitate to share with us your pictures. Nonetheless, I found this one on the web. As it can see through this picture, a portrait of the Admiral Dönitz was placed in the corridor.

The team preparing the Heritage days

At the end of the day, after having welcomed a lot of people I put out the camera of my bag and did a few shots. For the Heritage days the MVCG Anjou Atlantique, which is an association of Second World War vehicles’ lovers, was also at Pignerolle. This is why you will see a plenty of vehicles on my pictures. As it was the end of the day the light wasn’t good, but I wanted to share with you a bit of this day.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Want to see some more pictures of this park? Go to check this Flickr album. You want to learn about this bunker park? Then click here.

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